Cotati Custom Residence


This home was designed and built by Mike Connell and his wife for their own weekend retreat. It features all the desirable characteristics of the open plan, while respecting the balance between shared space and separation.

The guest suite is separated by a protected breezeway perfect for outdoor entertaining much of the year. The Master Suite itself is closed off while the kitchen, dining, and living room maintain a fluid connection. The kitchen was designed on a budget, with IKEA cabinets, butcher block counters, and pre-fabricated granite countertops. Details like exposed trusses reinforce the openness, and multiple french doors maintain a connection with the majestic views and garden.

Lead Architect

Mike Connell

Team Architect

Alexandra Ismerio, AIA

Project Team

James J. Shinnick, General Contractor
Stuart Borbridge Construction
JYASF Structural Engineers

With the flexibility of the design, the house will transform easily to full-time living.